Tomatoes Health Benefits

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Type of vegetable scientific name Lycopersicon esculentum tomato or often called, is useful to provide sour taste in cuisine. But do not just give it taste sour. For the health benefits of tomatoes are still very much.
Tomatoes are processed in the form of beverages such as juice, tomato sauce can be an alternative to start living healthy, considering the many benefits of tomatoes. However, at present a lot of fast food using the tomatoes for one meal ingredients, we can choose a healthy diet is simple.
Tomatoes contain 100 grams of nutrients in it, which is beneficial to health, such as phosphorus 27 gm, 360 mg potassium, iron 6 mg, 11 mg calcium, vitamin C 23 mg.
Of nutrients in tomatoes, can be obtained many health benefits, such as:

1. Benefits of tomatoes for healthy skin.
Citric acid in the tomatoes can make the skin more clean of dirt and fat.
Tomatoes are consumed daily routine is able to treat the skin from the body. Tomatoes will help overcome the wrinkles smooth wrinkles on the face due to age increases.
Tomatoes can also be used as an acne medicine. The trick with cooked tomatoes and cut into small pieces, then gently rub on the face, used regularly for a month.

2. Tomatoes reduce the risk of prostate cancer benefit
The risk of prostate cancer will decline 21-43% just by eating tomatoes regularly 2 times a week.

3. Health benefits of tomatoes for the eyes
Tomatoes contain a high beta-carotene. Beta carotene is beneficial for eye health.

4. Benefits of tomatoes for the digestion and appetite
Tomatoes are rich in mineral salts including. Mineral salts that can stimulate the release of saliva. Saliva contains enzymes necessary for digestion. Minerals from tomatoes can increase the appetite while the enzymes that exit can facilitate digestion.

5. Benefits of tomatoes as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
Tomatoes contain tomatine are useful as anti-inflammatory, while the content of carotene and vitamin C in tomatoes are beneficial as anti-oxidants that will fight free radicals.

Eating tomatoes is not difficult, in everyday life we ??have to consume tomatoes and tomato fruit or vegetable tomatoes are not hard to find as many sold in the market. Health benefits of tomatoes for which we get will be awesome if consumed regularly.

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