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Train the Brain to Sharpen Memory

Sometimes we often forget the little things, such as forgetting to put your car keys or forgetting an appointment to have meals with our friends. Consequently, the more time and energy it takes to find stuff, mendapay scolding from others. The brain's memory will decrease with age. The older age of someone they usually will be more forgetful. However, this can also happen at a young age. This problem can be reduced by training the brain.

Brain Function

The brain plays a major role in the process of remembering. The brain can be divided into left brain and right brain. Left brain functions associated with logic, numbers, writing, intelligence, calculation, analysis, and for short-term memory (short term memory). While the right brain we use for creativity, imagination, music, colors, shapes, emotions, and for long-term memory (long term memory).
If you want to keep in the right brain, the information must be transformed into a story or picture. Because the right brain does not recognize text or numbers. Exercise is necessary in order to develop the right brain. There are several techniques that can be done.

Total Story Technique (TST)

This technique is done by making a short story of the things we are going to memorize. For example we are going shopping at the supermarket to buy shampoo, Rather than trying to memorize it, you better make the story / sentence / picture.
Make a real shadow in front of you. With the example of this story, we have trained the right brain that functions in creativity and imagination. Creativity is created when we make a short story and imagination played a role when we visualize the story.

Total Word Technique (TWT)

In this technique you want to remember information is converted into acronyms, or if the information that will be remembered is the foreign words, can be converted into words that sound almost the same. After that, the newly created stories to be accepted by the right brain.

Total Number Technique (TNT)

This technique is used to remember numbers. Because the right brain does not know the figures or writing, it needs to be made a story in order to recognize the right brain.
Your imagination will be more refined as you add colors in the shadow of your story, adding motion, smell, or anything else that your imagination more exciting. If you can, make a funny story or a story that does not make sense. This will help more remembered.
If you've tried to remember with these methods, store the information in your right brain, the information will not be quickly forgotten and helps optimize brain and helps your brain memory

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