Ready to be Vegetarian?

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Vegetarians are people who consume lots of vegetables and avoiding meat eating animal. Some people embed the principle reason to become vegetarian for health, beauty, love of animals, and reduce global warming. What are the benefits and difficulties that have to undergo a diet like this?

Benefits of Being Vegetarian

The benefits of vegetarianism is primarily for health. Benefits include:
1. Useful for health. As already known, vegetables and fruits contain lots of fiber so it helps the digestive tract health and make you smoothly every day. Vegetables and fruits are loaded with antioxidants that can prevent cancer, heart disease or diabetes.
2. Increasing beauty, ageless skin by consuming natural foods. Vegetables and fruits can make the body look slimmer.
3. Help reduce global warming the earth's population is disturbing. Livestock industry became one of the causes of global warming on Earth and also contributed quite a lot of pollution, especially air pollution. In addition to warming and pollution generated in the industry, pollution is also generated from the process of making food for the animals.

It's hard Being Vegetarian

In addition to the benefits, there was also a feeling of not able to try vegetarianism. Causes that may be experienced:
1. Too fond of meat, making it very difficult if you have to leave for the taste of meat remedy forever
2. By being a vegetarian would find it difficult if you have to eat out because it was difficult to find vegetarian food on the market.

Vegetarian Types

Vegetarian does not mean people who only eat vegetables, but vegetarian is divided into several types. Each type has its own rules. This type of vegetarian is divided into:
vegetarian divided into:
1. Vegan
Do not consume any animal flesh whether it's red meat, poultry or fish meat. Vegans do not consume animal products processed from a case of eggs, milk, or cheese.
2. Lacto Vegetarian
Do not consume any type of meat (red meat, poultry or fish meat) and eggs. But continue to consume milk.
3. Lacto Ovo Vegetarian
Do not consume any type of meat but allowed to eat eggs or dairy.
4. Pesca Vegetarian
Do not consume red meat or poultry meat but still allowed to consume eggs, milk and meat of fish.
5. Flexitarian
Is the level that many make allowances for this kind may still consume meat and dairy products occasionally.
6. Frutarian
Just eat fruits, grains and nuts are rich in vitamin E and is useful for skin beauty and ageless.
7. Raw Foodist
Consume only raw foods, because cooking process is considered to be harmful to the natural things that exist.
The decision to become vegetarian or not the decision itself can be conceived by considering the benefits and difficulties.

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