Apple Health for Kids

apple health for kids, because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibrous parts of fruit. fibrous parts of fruit can prevent the hunger that comes more quickly. Apples are very good for children - children.

1. Apples are the Slow Food

Apples are packed with five grams of fiber content that is able to meet 20 percent of the daily nutritional intake of children. Crunchy texture of the fruit that could force the child to try to chew. This activity is useful as a replacement for facial gymnastics.
In addition, a natural sweetener in apple were able to enter the bloodstream gradually, helps maintain blood sugar and insulin levels stable so that children feel full longer.

2. Protect Lungs and Prevent Asthma

Based on the study, women who eat apples regularly during pregnancy may provide health benefits to infants who will birth.
In addition, the consumption of apples can prevent children developing asthma when he reached five years. It also can protect the adult lungs, lowers the risk of asthma, lung cancer and other diseases.

Hopefully all can benefit a lot from this apple. Apple Health for kids good results if taken everyday.

Cashews health benefits

No need to fear eating cashews as cashews health benefits. Cashews contain fat, protein, carbohydrates, and various minerals. Although high in fat, 82 percent fat are considered fat is not evil or unsaturated fats.

cashews health benefitsHistorically, cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) originated from Brazil. Plants are initially brought to India by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century. From India, the crop spread to other tropical and subtropical regions such as the Bahamas, Senegal, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia

Fat No bad

High levels of fat in the cashew very important role in increasing energy levels and tastes. That's what causes the cashew seeds are very tasty and delicious taste.

Unsaturated fatty acids are efficacious cashews health benefits, it is very dominant. Levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA = monounsaturated fatty acids) is much more than the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA = polyunsaturated fatty acids).

The most dominant type of MUFA on cashew nut is the omega 9 fatty acids, namely cleats. Several studies have shown that MUFA have an important role in raising levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), so it is good to suppress the occurrence of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

The most dominant type of PUFA is omega-6 fatty acids, namely linoleum acid. Omega-6 fatty acids also have an important role in maintaining blood cholesterol profile to remain normal.

Energy and Protein

Energy content per 100 grams of raw cashew nuts is 566 kcal. Its energy content will increase with the roasted and fried respectively to 640 and 680 kcal. Absorption of oil in the frying process of course will raise the energy content. For the purpose of low-calorie diet, you should select cashews are processed by roasting, oven, or in-microwave.

Potential amino acid in cashews is a leonine, valise, argentine, aspartic acid, glutei acid, and serine. Glutei acid and aspartic acid is very important to contribute to the onset of savory flavors. That which, among other causes why cashews was tasty, though not given any seasoning.

The use of salt should be limited in cashews

It seems clear that the process of adding salt (NaCl) on cashew nuts fried very real impact on the increased levels of sodium (Na).

High sodium consumption is not recommended because it contributes positively to the occurrence of high blood pressure (hypertension). Therefore, the use of salt should be limited to the cashew nut. Because it will reduce the cashews health benefits.

Mango Health Benefits

Mango (Mangifera indica) is one of the pieces are quite popular, rich in nutrients, with a unique taste, aroma and distinctive taste, and mango health benefits. Mango is one of the seasonal tropical fruit is delicious and is believed to originate from the sub-Himalayan plains of India. This exotic fruit belongs to the family Anacardiaceae, a family which also includes many species of flowering plants of tropical fruit trees such as cashew and pistachio.

  • Various benefits of Mango for Health

 Digestion launched.


Mangoes are very much beneficial for people suffering from acidity and enzymes that help to alleviate the problem of indigestion.
elements such as Bio-Active Esters, Aldehydes contained terpenes and can help digestion becomes easier.

Lowering Cholesterol.


fiber and vitamin C in mango fruit helps to reduce levels of serum cholesterol levels, especially cholesterol "Low-density lipoprotein" (LDL).

Source of vitamin E.


In many types of mangoes there are about 2.3 to 3 mg of vitamin E fruit Mango.
Improving Concentration and Memory.
Mango is useful for children who lack concentration in the study, because it contains acid Glutamine is good for improving memory and keeping active cells.

To Treat Acne.


Mango helps in clearing clogged pores that cause acne.
how: sliced ​​mango into very thin pieces and place it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, and then a shower or wash your face. Use warm water to wash your face it.

High in Iron for Women.


From the known fact that Mango is rich in Iron substances. People who suffer from anemia can be regularly consume mangoes along with their dinner. Generally, women after menopause become weak and they should be eating mango and other fruit are rich in iron.
Pregnant women can also take the occasional mango as supplements, their bodies need iron and calcium during that time. but even so, too much eating mango should be avoided during pregnancy. so for pregnant women eat mangoes then only as needed, not a lot. if you are already accustomed to eating Mangoes from childhood, then you can eat mangoes when you are pregnant because it will not much affect your body. but then again, whose name is still not excessive either.

Mango health benefits for Diabetes.


Mango is slowly gaining recognition as a new fruit to fight diabetes. Earlier there was a myth that people with diabetes should not eat mangoes, but it's not true. Not only fruit, mango leaves it can also be used to fight diabetes. Before going to bed put a 10 or 15 leaves of mango in clean warm water and cover with lid. The next morning strain it and drink water on an empty stomach. Do this on a regular basis.

Prevent Cancer and Heart disease.


because Mango contains high amount of antioxidants in it when consumed regularly, can to fight cancer and other heart disease. As mentioned earlier can also be to lower cholesterol. cholesterol associated with heart disease.
Fresh mango is a very rich source of potassium. Potassium is an essential component of cells and body fluids that help control heart rate and blood pressure. It is also an excellent source of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin C and vitamin-E. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and harmful oxygen free radicals. Vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine is required for the production of GABA in the brain hormone. It also controls homocystiene levels in the blood, which can otherwise lead to harmful blood vessel CAD and stroke. Substance Copper (Copper) is a helper factor for essential enzymes, including cytochrome c-oxidase and superoxide dismutase (other minerals to function as an auxiliary factor for this enzyme is manganese and zinc). substances Copper is also needed for the production of red blood cells. Skin mangoes are also rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants such as carotenoids are pigments and polyphenols.

So great mango health benefits to our body. Mango fruit are easy to find areas of tropical and if sold the price is not too expensive.

Okra Health Benefits

okra health benefits
Okra is a vegetable-shaped fruit that can be processed into a variety of delicious food and okra health benefits.
Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) including plant genus of the family Malvaceae Hibiscus plant has a nickname of Lady's Finger for fruit shape is long and tapered at the edges., Like the graceful tapering fingers of a beautiful woman.
Historically, plant okra originated in Africa and brought to America for about three centuries ago by African slaves. Today okra plants are well known in various countries in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Even the okra-based dish is very popular in Sri Lanka, Japan, Filipinos, Saudi Arabia and Europe. Known for its okra  health benefits.


Okra seed health benefits. On okra seed oil content can reach 40%. Okra seed oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid.
Okra fruit is high in protein, which is 3.9% and 2.05% fat. Energy in 100 grams of okra fruit 40 kcal. Minerals in the fruit of okra is potassium (6.68%) and phosphorus (0.77%).
Okra including green vegetables are rich in dietary fibrous parts of fruit. In addition to fibrous parts of fruit, okra also contain glutathione. Fibrous parts of fruit are very important for the body because it can prevent constipation, obesity, hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), diabetes, and colon cancer.

AS okra antioxidant and anticancer

The green color in vegetables, including okra, due to the pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a million benefits because they are anti-inflammatory, ant mutagenic, anticancer, and antioxidant. Some ant mutagenic and anticancer, chlorophyll can prevent liver cancer and colon cancer.

As antioxidants, chlorophyll can prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol by free radicals, resulting in the formation of plaque in blood vessels (atherosclerosis) can be prevented.
Chlorophyll can also heal wounds without swelling. Once the okra health benefits to us if consumed.


1. Prepare a fruit Okra (if too small can use 2 pieces Okra). The Okra finely chopped or cut into pieces, as  pictured below.
3. Soak in a glass of drinking water, covered and left overnight.
4. Drink in the morning before breakfast or on an empty stomach.
5. Do it every day for 2-3 months.

Note :
1. Okra water marinade would like mucus (egg white), use a coarse filter tofilter the water bath.
2. Soak the pulp you can back with a glass of drinking water and bath watercan you drink in the afternoon.
3. Water bath (mucus Okra) has no smell and no taste whatsoever.
4. Okra taste like cucumber and can be Eaten as a salad if you like it.
5. Please check your sugar levels every morning as long as you drink waterOkra is to determine whether to bring benefits to you or not.

When consumed regularly then the effect of okra health benefits are very good.

Adjusting Weight Loss During Pregnancy

One factor that is not less important during pregnancy is weight control. Ideal body weight at the start of pregnancy expectant mothers (pregnant start) is between 45-65 kg. If less than 45 kg, body weight should first be raised up to 45 kg before pregnancy. "Vice versa, if the prospective mother's body weight over 65 kg, body weight should be lowered to below 65 kg before pregnancy.

Unfortunately, very rare woman who planned her weight before the start of pregnancy. "In fact, expectant mothers who weight less than 45 kg or more than 65 kg, will make the pregnancy a risk (low risk),"

Weight expectant mothers who are less (underweight) or excess (overweight), will risk having a baby with less weight or low birth weight (LBW). "Infants with low birthweight and would have disrupted the development of intelligence, in addition to his physical health is also less good".

For the mother was no less risky. "If the excess weight, she may experience bleeding or poisoning pregnancy. At first overweight, then the tension rises, swollen foot, kidney problems, eventually poisoning pregnant, "said Hasnah. At birth, usually also always be complications.

Optimal Health and Fitness

Optimal health is a vital part of your life. You can just have a lot of money, but if you have poor health, the quality of your life will be much reduced. Previously you need to pay attention to statistics from the world health body below:

70% of premature deaths today are caused by heart disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer

Above 50% cause of death is poor diet

70% of doctor visits are caused by poor diet. The main complaint is the lethargy or fatigue.

Why does this happen?

 Let's see what our bodies need. Our bodies need some balanced nutrition, including protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, essential minerals, and water.

But what happens with our current diet, we consume too much fat, sugar, salt, animal protein, processed foods / fast foods, foods high in cholesterol, carcinogens (substances that are formed from the cooking process) that can cause cancer, and lack of essential nutrients that our bodies need.

Why does this happen? The answer lies in the quality of the food we eat. Our current food can no longer meet the needs of our bodies the nutrients it needs. Starting from the planting process that uses pesticides, too much fertilizer, and as examples of current injected chickens hormones to accelerate growth, and fruit picked before ripe which ultimately makes the content of the nutrients found in fruits are not perfect.

This is worsened by the environmental conditions in large cities are highly polluted and most people have problems with their digestion that cause they can not absorb nutrients that exist on their food properly.

So what are the consequences?

It is most easily seen is the occurrence of weight gain and obesity. More than 60% of people in America are overweight, and this began to happen in Indonesia because we adopt a diet which is too fast.

Furthermore, people will experience many health problems that will ultimately reduce the quality of their lives.

Oral health

The mouth is already having its own cleansing system that is saliva. However, with today's modern food, natural cleaners are no longer able to function. We can use a toothbrush as a tool for cleaning teeth. Choose a toothbrush bristles are not too hard because it can hurt the gums. In addition, the amount of brush should also be adjusted to the size of our oral cavity.

In addition to routine maintenance, we should immediately visit a dentist if the state of experiencing one or more of the following conditions:
When you have bad breath odor are not without an obvious cause for a week, even after brushing your teeth, tongue, gums and cleaning with dental floss

When you have bad breath with a toothache; may have untreated cavities or abscesses.
Brush your teeth with a circular motion, because in addition to cleaning, this movement will not damage the gums. When brushing teeth, also brush the top of the tongue with a toothbrush. Make sure it reaches the rear.
When gums bleed, because it can be a sign of gum disease.

When there is bad breath accompanied by fever or cough and mucus, it can be a symptom of lung abscess. In this case, your dentist will refer you to a specialist.

In addition, we can use dental floss to remove food debris in the crevices of the teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals. When we are in a situation very rushed and not enough time to do the above, bad breath can be removed temporarily by the use mouthwash, eat oranges, apples, or celery.
Clean tartar to the dentist every six months and regularly checked once a year for the control teeth (dental check-ups). In addition, smoking cessation, reducing consumption of sugar, coffee and alcohol, spicy food and food smells, as well as drinking lots of water will help take care of your teeth.