Adjusting Weight Loss During Pregnancy

November 30, 2011 sendika 0 Comments

One factor that is not less important during pregnancy is weight control. Ideal body weight at the start of pregnancy expectant mothers (pregnant start) is between 45-65 kg. If less than 45 kg, body weight should first be raised up to 45 kg before pregnancy. "Vice versa, if the prospective mother's body weight over 65 kg, body weight should be lowered to below 65 kg before pregnancy.

Unfortunately, very rare woman who planned her weight before the start of pregnancy. "In fact, expectant mothers who weight less than 45 kg or more than 65 kg, will make the pregnancy a risk (low risk),"

Weight expectant mothers who are less (underweight) or excess (overweight), will risk having a baby with less weight or low birth weight (LBW). "Infants with low birthweight and would have disrupted the development of intelligence, in addition to his physical health is also less good".

For the mother was no less risky. "If the excess weight, she may experience bleeding or poisoning pregnancy. At first overweight, then the tension rises, swollen foot, kidney problems, eventually poisoning pregnant, "said Hasnah. At birth, usually also always be complications.

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