Simple Healthful Foods

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Healthy. When we hear the sound, we often think that health is our body feels weak that is sick, our body due to lack of rest and could also be because we were wrong to eat. Very healthy influence by what we consume. Foods that fit the needs of the body affects our health.

Healthy foods do not have to be expensive, it's easy and Yemen healthy. Food from our own home was enough if it meets our needs, most importantly the food is healthy and meets the basic needs of the body.

Health is a big overpriced, overpriced let us achieve it.

1. Water

Did you know that warm water is better than cold water. But people have a habit of drinking cold water, especially in hot musum. And the people know that drinking eight glasses of water per day is needed. drink plenty of water has the advantage against, stomach, Detoxification, prevent disease, increase appetite.

2. Oat bread

Not all good for sarapan.Roti wheat bread is a good low calorie and good for the body to be eaten daily. Good for our health because of low calorie, low fat and good for the growth of children. Consumed with milk is a good choice.

3. Milk

Low-fat milk and high calcium. because parents can not absorb more calcium, because they are loose and weak bones to absorb calcium from food. Milk is recommended for the elderly.
The children suggested a high calcium milk or whole milk to children in infancy, milk is the right choice for children.
jujube milk is more in need women or girls.
Commuters need pure milk or milk yoghourt. because mebutuhkan enough calories.

4. Eggs

In a day we need at least one egg. An egg contains all the nutrients you need in a day.

Eating healthy does not need to be expensive. Quite like the above, we will have healthy and in Balance with regular exercise.

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