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Sugar Consumption In Balance

Who does not like sweets, chocolate, or cake? Most of us would love it. The sweet taste makes us more like him. However, sweet foods or sugar are often considered as an enemy of the body because of various things that can be generated. What are the dangers of consuming sweet foods? How is the proper way to enjoy sweet foods with balanced?the negative effects of sugar that is often dreaded disease, especially diabetes or diabetes mellitus type two diabetes. The disease is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle such as eating too much sugar. Excess sugars can also lead to weight gain and even obesity can cause various diseases. Another effect is tiredness, frequent sleepiness and difficulty concentrating. While the lack of sugar will look emaciated, weak from lack of energy, malnutrition so easily hurt.Sugar obtained not only from sweet foods, because foods such as rice, bread, potatoes, and noodles have a sugar content. So also in the side dishes and fruit like bananas, watermelon or cantaloupe. Sugars derived from food is included in complex carbohydrates. While the sugar found in sugar, syrup and the like included in the group karbohirat simple. Soft drinks is also a contributor of sugar to the body when you consume it too often. It is impossible to avoid sugar because sugar is one type of carbohydrate. And as already known, these carbohydrates are needed to produce the energy used in daily activities. Thus, the important thing is how to consume sugar in a balanced way so as not to harm the body.
How Much Sugar Can Eat?Consume sugar in balance means you have to arrange for carbohydrates that enter the body balanced with energy expenditure. The energy released is not the same person, because it depends on your age, weight and west of activities undertaken. The average amount of energy required is between 1,500 kcal (kilo calories) for people with mild activity to 1,800 kcal (kilo calories) when doing moderate activity. This figure also includes energy derived from fat and protein.Since sugar is not only derived from carbohydrate foods, it is to stay balanced the amount of carbohydrates that can be consumed is 40% to 50% for complex carbohydrates, and the remaining 10% to 15% for the consumption of simple carbohydrates. In short, such as the following table:

  • Sugar-Energy Needs - Lightweight -1500 kcal Activity - Activity Medium -1800 kcals
  • Consumption of sugar. Sugar complexes are allowed : (40% - 50%). Activity-Rigan : 600 kcal - 750 kcal-activity-720 kcal - 900 kcal
  • Consumption of simple sugars that are allowed (10% - 15%)-aktivita Light-150 kcal - 225 kcal-Activity Medium-180 kcal - 270 kcal
You are someone with mild activity when it is in your work more often sat, doing homework that is not too heavy and exercise once a week.You also must consider the amount of sugar contained in the protein and sugar so as not to overdo it. In order not to feel hungry because it reduces the amount of carbohydrates you should eat more often with smaller meals instead of eating directly in large portions. This method can overcome hunger.The body will be healthy if you are able to control the balance between energy intake through food and drink with the energy expended through physical activity. And of course, this includes force balanced when you consume a variety of products that contain sugars.

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