How to Healthy and Beautiful with Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is a plant-like tongue of the crocodile, because it's called aloe vera. This plant will many benefits, especially for the treatment and beauty. In the leaves have a slimy flesh, this part is rich in benefits for humans. Useful lives as follows:

Healthy with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants also have their uses for treatment. The flesh of the aloe vera can handle the heat in which can lead to ulcers or sore throat, and also lowers cholesterol. Aloe vera can be juiced or boiled, but after peeled be processed immediately, because if exposed to air will be reduced efficacy and the meat will brown.
Utilizing the aloe vera as a drink or food is also beneficial for beauty. The use of aloe vera or aloe vera for beauty can be enjoyed by buying cosmetics or beverages in containers that exist in the store or supermarket.
This plant can also be processed traditionally, with a living pharmacy at home. These plants can live long without flushing. Aloe vera is one traditional way to live healthy and beautiful.

Beautiful with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be used for beauty. Aloe vera is famous for making the hair becomes soft so the hair to be beautiful. That's why a lot of shampoo that uses aloe vera extract in its products.
other than as a hair softener, Aloe vera is also beneficial for the skin because of the aloe leaf have Lignin content that can moisturize the skin and can prevent skin allergies. Coupled with the content of anthraquinone and the amino acids that would be very useful for skin as it helps the skin to renew itself immediately to produce new cells and can eliminate dead skin cells. Meat from the leaves of Aloe vera also has the same acidity level to that of humans and able to soak well into the body also contains saponins that can serve as an anti-bacterial and anti fungal. Regular use can make skin look healthy and beautiful glow. can also use aloe vera as a face mask, because it also contains antioxidants that prevent premature aging.
Cooling effect of aloe vera gel may be due to medications burns or scalded. simply placed on the injured area. The cold produced from the aloe vera will help the healing process.

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